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Amber Room Closing…

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It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since The Amber Room opened and changed the nightlife landscape north of Boston and in Southern NH. Through it’s entire run the venue stayed true and with planned, positive transitions in staff, programming and clientele the ownership go out on top and profitable. The hospitality industry and nightlife in particular is hard to remain relevant and current in – The Amber Room did what few have, close while still making profits and decide to take things in a new direction. That direction will be broadcast when ownership decides its time to let the cat out of the bag – one thing is for sure they are coming back and stronger than ever before.

A renovation will take place; plans have been approved and building will begin soon after closing. Whichever direction they travel in will once again impact their geographic footprint.  Congratulations to owners Charlie Kohler and Dennis Troso on providing the area with an outstanding high quality meticulously cared for venue. With an incredible staff of DJ’s, Bartenders, Floor & Door personnel and servers the entertainment value and commitment to customer service at Amber Room never waivered. Proof Positive that a well run venue can sustain; after five years the crowds still come in. Amber Room launched, survived and thrived during one of the worst economic climates in the history of the US mostly due to the focus, savvy and hard work of the ownership and supportive management and staff. We can hardly wait to see what you have in store for us when you re-launch the space!

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