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Okay – Well this is NEWS – the show is sold out – you most def can get tickets on the street for upwards of $150.00 a pop…Yep I checked.

It’s time America – it’s time Boston..Give in to the Fuzz Disco Electro Genius magnificence of the duo Justice!  Why does it take so long for us to get it..Electro Fuzz Disco is here to merge dance and indie and to save Dance Music altogether right?

Daft Punk and Kanye was  a decent start but really watch out Daft Punk!  I love Daft Punk and they are wondeful at what they do and the hook up with Kanye is a big step for dance music and Electronica!

This is different this is a new way to dance with raw edgy energy – like Simian Mobile Disco Justice carves out its own genre;  dismantling any preconcieved notions that we are in for more of the same tech euro trash of the Roxy hey dey and allows the underground dance communtiy to flourish once again – this is the rebirth of disco people!

Burn baby Burn – Disco is cool and it is BACK!

Justice preforms tomorrow night at the Paradise Rock Club the show is 18+!

If you can get tickets ENJOY yourselves – it is the last tiem they’ll be in an intimate setting like this!

Bobby Sunshine


Lords of the dance

by Matthew Shaer

Back in the day, well before Justice became the electro brand, but long after the release of those first breakneck beats, Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé settled on the cross: a 6-foot-tall prop crafted out of glass and steel and backlit by a fusillade of bright bulbs

This was in 2005 and ’06, when every other member of France’s dance scene was brawling for recognition amid what de Rosnay calls “the same neon colors, the same projection screens, the same beats.” Justice, instead, had turned toward the world of rock ‘n’ roll, copping initially (and liberally) from a theatric tradition pioneered by Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

“We wanted white color and black, and no other color,” de Rosnay says from his home in Paris. “We wanted to invert the traditional thinking, bring out those huge stacks of Marshall [amplifiers], and play with the heavy-metal elements we’d grown up with.”

Light, of course, wasn’t exactly enough – neither, unfortunately, were the amp stacks – and soon Justice began toting around the oversize cross to their shows, where it dominated the stage and became a focal point for the audience.

“Religion and music,” de Rosnay, 25, says. “Here’s two things that can have a powerful appeal to a mass audience. Religion and music are the two things that can get 20,000 people together, raising their hands at the same moment.” He pauses, and then adds, “We want to turn music into a spiritual experience. Something more than a rock show or an electronic concert.”

Read more of this Boston Globe article – Click here

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