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Heart of Cognac – Remy Martin Tasting

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Remy Martin Boston Tasting Event

Boston Nightlife News & Dirty Water News are working together and are  Calling All Remy Martin enthusiasts and those curious about Cognac to attend a very special night of tasting!

CLICK HERE to register and choose the tasting that’s best for you!  Tastings are a lot of fun and can really enlighten you to a whole new dimension of imbibing.

Remy Martin is the global leader in premium and luxury cognac.Get to Know Remy Martin - CLICK HERE

Through this exclusive opportunity, you will explore the craftsmanship and dedication that makes Rémy Martin the finest cognac in the world. We’ll delve into our glasses and take on the role of Cellar Master to discover the distinct aromatic intensity of our cognacs. If you appreciate fine spirits and are curious to know more about cognac, you will be certain to enjoy this unique experience.

There is space available for TONIGHT each event lasts 60 to 75 minutes. This is a great way to start off  your Friday night out.  The event takes place at Boston Center for the Arts,  539 Tremont Street.

Space is limited; secure your reservation today.

Link to registration:  http://www.CFSBroker.com/tracking/track.aspx?cid=1124&lid=13584

If your one of those that needs a little information so you don’t feel completely devoid of what cognac is and how to taste it we found the following information on Le Cognac – The encyclopedia of Cognac

Awaken your senses…

Tasting a Cognac begins with choosing a glass that will let the Cognac eau-de-vie express its full personality.

The preferred choice is a “tulip” glass, whose shape has been studied and recommended by experts. The benefit of this type of glass is that it retains the aromas and reveals them with great delicacy throughout the tasting.

For the best tasting experience, make sure the Cognac is at room temperature.

CLICK HERE to register for Dirty Water News Tasting Event

Visual examination

This is the first contact with the Cognac and it is paramount: Fill the glass with about 1 fluid ounce of Cognac. Hold the glass by the foot so you can swirl the Cognac easily, slowly and gently.

Raise the glass to eye level, if possible against a white background, to examine its color and appearance.

Still holding the foot, gently tilt the glass to examine its intensity, while admiring the brilliance of the surface of the spirit. Tilting the glass makes the Cognac “cry”, its tears running slowly down the side of the glass.

You can now describe the Cognac’s color, clarity and viscosity…

Its clarity (quality of being clear, pure, transparent) can be characterized as crystalline, clear, dull, or cloudy.

Its viscosity (thickness of a liquid) can be described as watery, syrupy, or oily.

Remy Martin Tasting Event- CLICK HERE

On the nose

There are two ways of perceiving aromas: directly through the nose, or indirectly through the mouth (retro-olfaction).

Smelling the Cognac is the most important stage of the tasting. It is a twostep process :

  • First nose : Without moving the glass, you can discern the highly volatile elements that are often extremely delicate and always fleeting. This is called the montant”.
  • Second nose : Swirl the glass very gently to aerate the Cognac. The contact with oxygen reveals its aromatic components.

Here you will encounter floral or fruity aromas such as linden flower, grapevine flower, dry vines, freshly crushed grapes, violets, vanilla… The specific shape of the tulip glass maximizes the olfactory experience.

On the palate

It is on the tongue and the palate that Cognac reveals its full identity.

Take a sip and suck in a little air over the Cognac in your mouth.

This is the moment when all the aspects of the spirit’s personality become apparent: is it round, mellow, smooth? Does it have finesse, delicacy, breed, rancio, balance…?

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